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Proud Ravenclaw

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Jurassic Park - 1993

-God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs, God creates man,
Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.
-Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth.

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download full-res pics of the assassins and crests and logos in the fan kit

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and no one thinks they are to blame

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Be not afraid of greatness.


Be not afraid of greatness.

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his only crime was that he loved me.

his only crime was that he loved me.

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Issac prepares for frosty combat in this stellar looking Kotobukiya figure

Dead Space 3 hits consoles and PC this coming February, and if you’re a huge Dead Space fan with some Christmas money to burn, this may be your next shelf or desk companion. Issac’s gear is super detailed with mechanical components, different textures of cloth, belts, pouches, seams, clothing creases, a fur-lined collar, and much. The coolest part of Clarke’s look has always been the energy glow of his mask and other components, and Kotobukiya has recreated that with LED lights in the statue’s helmet, backpack, and glove!  There’s even a ball-joint in the hero’s neck so you can pose him to your liking.  Isaac Clarke stands nearly 12 ½ inches tall and comes with a base full of Necromorph guts. It will be available this June at a meaty $139.00.